I am incredibly excited to have the founders of My Forever Matchmaking on Chi Chat this week!


Anna Grosman and Alla Kuzmis are the Directors and Co-Founders of Australia’s leading premium matchmaking agency, My Forever Matchmaking.


A professional romantic and love intuitive, Anna has been successfully ‘matching’ friends since she was in high school and in 2020, decided to formalise her passion for forging romantic connections with co-founder, long-term friend and psychic, Alla Kuzmis, to launch ‘My Forever’ – a matchmaking agency focused on delivering a superior experience through stringent vetting processes in a safe and discrete environment.


A long-term intimacy advocate, this is not Anna’s first foray into aiding and abetting intimate connections, having co-founded male escort agency Aphrodisiac in 2010 which she operated successfully for seven years before closing to pursue her passion for professional matchmaking.


We are also fortunate enough to have former male escort, code name ‘Benedict’, in studio to share his experience and perspective on being a male escort.


In addition, Alla is going to do a brief ‘love reading’ for me on air where I will hopefully glean the name of my future husband so as to start ordering my wedding invitations post haste!


We will also discuss the unusual love formula Anna and Alla are using to pair singles in forever matches, why they advocate for blind dates for their clients and how they navigated launching a matchmaking agency during COVID.


11th March 2021 on 88.3 Southern FM.