“It’s amazing, Molly… the love inside, you take it with you.” 

This iconic phrase was spoken in possibly one of the greatest romantic stories Hollywood has ever told, Ghost. Sam Wheat uttered these unforgettable words to his forever love, Molly, moments before he walked into the light. And the best part? It wasn’t just dreamt up by a scriptwriter penning yet another romantic drama for the masses.

Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. It transcends time and space. Some even believe it can go beyond this life and into the next. In other words, love energy never dies.

My Forever takes this principle to heart when it comes to helping you find a deeper love that goes beyond the physical and is, in fact, a lasting soul connection.

That’s why a key member of our expert collective is My Forever Matchmaking Co-founder, and one of Melbourne’s leading psychics, Alla. We sat down and spent some (virtual) time with her to discuss her psychic gifts, and how she helps clients on their quest for love.

“The Ghost quote talks about love on a deeper level.”

And this is ultimately what My Forever is all about – a soul-rich connection between two people who deeply resonate with each other. If we look at Love as a form of energy, when you feel it, it’s so powerful. It’s so sacred, you can’t touch it, you can only feel it… It’s soul-deep – we carry it with us. And it transcends the physical, going beyond lust and that initial physical attraction.



“I apply my gifts to our clients simply by reading their energy.”

I can read the energy behind their words which is often different from what’s coming out of their mouths! I have made grown men cry, but not in a bad way! If they have unresolved issues stopping them from forming and sustaining lasting loving relationships, I essentially ‘receive messages’ from a higher source. My clients and I then work together to untangle the knots (basically) which helps them move forward with courage and an authentic, open heart. This is when miracle connections happen. It’s so rewarding to see my clients find their forever love after our sessions.



“Spirit communicates through me via intuition, a word, or a phrase I need to communicate.” 

I act as a conduit. The guidance comes through me, and sometimes I even surprise myself with what I receive. It’s really all about putting women and men on the right track both emotionally and spiritually.



“What would I say to people who don’t believe in my work? You don’t need to! Just be open.”

I can tell who doesn’t put much stock in what I can do. And that’s absolutely fine. There’s no judgement here! I still speak the messages I’m receiving and when they resonate with my clients, it doesn’t matter where they come from. I will never force someone to believe in spirit.



“Sometimes my clients’ desires can complicate what they need for their personal growth.”

Through my energy work, I’m able to help my clients identify what they will actually need in a relationship i.e. a healthy, functional union that will promote growth and not live and die on desire and sexual attraction alone. These cannot be sustained unless there is a soul connection that’s born out of two healthy individuals coming together to rise up in love.



“My definition of true love is based on passion. Connection. It’s like-minds. True soulmates.”

It’s about feeling so at home with your partner, you don’t want to go anywhere else. Of course, you will always need the first sparks. That’s why at My Forever we don’t encourage physical intimacy in the beginning. This can often be used as a mask to inspire a connection where there really is none. It’s vital our clients work on their chemistry and connection – which is what the spark really is – the emotional, spiritual, and eventually physical connection. If you foster the fundamentals, that first physical interaction will be so delicious, I can assure you. It’s that kind of chemistry where you just can’t wait. And really… It’s impossible to have bad sex after that initial healthy foundation is established



“Being a part of the My Forever family is such a privilege. It’s a joy to connect souls! “

I believe it’s my life’s work to help put people on the right path to forever love intuitively. It’s about leaving the old baggage behind before moving into a new relationship. And I feel so fortunate that my gift helps to identify any past grief or even trust issues that my clients may have been carrying.



“It’s entirely possible to feel a soul-deep love just like the one Sam and Molly in the movie Ghost had.”

But this is not about Hollywood fairy tales. When you find real, forever love it’s better than all the greatest love stories you’ve ever seen on the silver screen. When you find a true and healthy love connection that touches you deeper than you’ve ever experienced, you’ll know. And I can’t wait to help you begin the journey that will take you there…


For more information on how you can work with Alla and get one step closer to finding your forever love, e-mail us at info@myforever.com.au or make an enquire on our contact page, here.