After putting in 12 hours a day at the office, fitting in a workout and a meal after work, and starting all over again the next day, who could blame you for not having a love life?  Despite the fact that love is more important than anything, you maintain the mindset that work comes first and that you’re “too busy to date.”

    But are you really too busy?  

    Whether it’s work, fitness classes, volunteer work, time with family, travel, or postgraduate study; if something seems to be continuously gobbling up your hours, there may be something else going on – avoidance.

    Commitments like helping out a friend, going for a bike ride, or working out, feel certain and safe, whereas dating can feel foreign and scary.  That’s why men who are too busy to date often need real, focused help – and that’s where we come in.


    We create opportunities for real connections

    My Forever Matchmaking is an elite introduction agency servicing Australia and worldwide.  We provide a premium service focusing on integrity, safety and discretion. We believe in real, passionate connections and have dedicated our lives to helping men like you find love and ultimately, your forever match.

    We understand that, to find love, you first have to create room and opportunity.  Whilst we provide the opportunity, you need to create the room.  The fact is, you only need an hour and a half or two to go on a date – time even the busiest man could spare!  Having a genuine desire to find love is, quite frankly, useless if you never even go on a first date. 


    Why choose us over a dating app

    Research shows that endless scrolling on dating apps can make you lonely and depressed with many users reporting feeling low or experiencing self doubt.  A study by the University of North Texas, found that male Tinder users reported lower levels of self worth than those not on the dating app.   

    In reality, dating app criteria such as height, age and weight, aren’t that important when finding the perfect match.  Such criteria makes you focus on superficiality instead of what’s really important in relationships – friendship, commitment and shared values.  Dating apps reduce you to a curated profile that isn’t wholly reflective of your full, embodied self.  It’s impossible to sum up all the brilliant, complex, fun and vulnerable parts of yourself in a couple of photos and captions. 

    At My Forever Matchmaking, we spend one-on-one time with you to determine what you’re really looking for in a partner.   After getting to know all about you, we do the hard work to find that perfect match (as opposed to some impersonal computer algorithm). 


    We do the vetting, so you meet genuine people

    With most online dating apps, no one gets vetted. It’s a free-for-all and you’re often left to depend on your gut instincts to help decide on whether to meet or swipe left.  You may also have to deal with the sudden digital or offline disappearance of a potential date (an act otherwise known as ghosting).

    Statistically a lot of people lie about themselves on online dating sites – most commonly on their age, looks, stature, and occupation. So even though the best algorithms work to match a user to their perfect mate, the resulting match-up is commonly flawed.  Watching an episode of Catfish: The TV Show will give you an idea of the extent some people go through to lie about their identity. 

    At My Forever Matchmaking, we make sure that everyone in our database goes through extensive screen checks and is personally interviewed by us.  Each and every client is met in person to ensure they are physically, mentally, and emotionally who they say they are. We spend time getting to know our clients and their individual personalities, so at the end of the day, our service feels like one friend introducing you to another friend. 


    We keep your information confidential and secure

    Your information is treated by us with the highest degree of confidence so no one will know you’re looking for love unless you tell them. That means no embarrassing ‘guess whose online dating profile I came across’ chatter in the office breakroom.

    Many of the most popular dating apps are not providing sufficient levels of data protection, with hackers able to potentially identify users and steal personal information. Criminals committing scams study the profiles of their victims and collect personal information, such as their work activity, their level of income, and their lifestyle.  Unfortunately the mismanagement of personal information in the digital age allows criminals to build a fairly detailed profile of a future victim.


    Date safely and securely

    We’ve all heard about the online scammers who emotionally manipulate victims to send them money, gifts or personal information. But another type of common deception is sextortion, which usually begins as a normal relationship between two people beginning to know each other until the scammer tries to take the conversation off the dating platform to another platform such as WhatsApp or Skype.  They then try to convince the victim to send some risqué photos or intimate videos, only to then use that salacious material to blackmail them.

    These worst-case online dating scenarios are easily avoidable by selecting a reputable matchmaking firm like My Forever Matchmaking. There’s no way of telling who is really on the other end of that connection when you’re online. We differentiate ourselves from the online dating world with the critical component of security.  It’s the tried-and-true way to meet someone who has been handpicked just for you.


    The time to get started is now

    Thanks to the digital age, we have all grown accustomed to getting instant solutions to our problems (thanks Google) and having things served to us immediately.  But it’s just not that simple when it comes to building relationships.

    We understand that life gets busy.  Work is consuming.  Fatherhood is consuming.  But nothing will change unless you make a decision that it’s a priority to change. 

    All you need to do is set aside some time for that first date.  Let us do the rest.


    Let matchmaking work its magic in your life.  Make an enquiry with our team today – we can’t wait to begin.