Have you read that incredible, wisdom-stuffed, weighty manual on finding your forever love? Perhaps you’ve seen it on the New York Times bestseller list? It’s okay. Don’t go to Google. It doesn’t exist.

The truth is, when it comes to meeting that beautiful person who will complement you and hold the space as you walk through life, well, we’re all just feeling our way – literally. There are no hard and fast rules. No tertiary studies we can take or algebraic equations we can memorise to guarantee we’ll finally, triumphantly find our forever person… 

In fact, it’s astounding that we never actually receive any formal training on what could be the most magical, miraculous area of our adult lives. Sure, we watch the Hollywood confection masquerading as ‘real love’, we devour the erotic fiction about bondage and billionaires that absolutely must turn into forever love, right?

But how do we discover the path to true love?

Well, just like it takes a village to raise a child, we believe it takes a community of supportive, wise men and women to find your forever person. And that’s where a premium matchmaking service like My Forever steps in – ready to take your heart to the next level of love.
Lasting love.

Matchmaking isn’t a new thing. Ancient Civilisations from the Aztecs to the Greeks were too busy inventing hieroglyphics and philosophy to dwell on random dating, so they relied on their elders to step in and do a little strategic matchmaking. Some of the methods were a little um, unconventional. In biblical times, if a woman showed great respect to a man’s camels, she was great marriage material, a real keeper. Some parts of Ancient Japan arranged matchmaking orgies – not in the ‘traditional sense’ – it was basically a mass dating event with poetry readings and empowered women who had free license to accept or spurn men at will. Ahead of their time! Fast forward a few thousand years to Victorian times, and you were likely to get betrothed just before Grouse shooting season – or you’d have to sit it out for another year. Oh, the romance! And in the roaring 20s, those crazy flappers hooked themselves up to machines to measure their love compatibility.

At My Forever, your journey to love doesn’t involve mass orgies, machines, hunting games or kindness to camels… who has time for all that?! No, when you become our client, not only are you signing up to find genuine, lasting connections, you’ll also be saying yes to your own personal development journey. We believe that true matchmaking isn’t about finding the person who ‘completes you’ – it’s about making sure you are already complete and content with who you are, before love can find you – with a little help from our matchmakers of course!

Like all the greatest miracles in life, finding true love takes a lot of trust, faith and more than a pinch of grounded wisdom.

So, if you’re ready to let matchmaking work its magic in your life, the team at My Forever are waiting for you to say ‘yes’. Make an enquiry with our team today – we can’t wait to begin.

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