Anna G is one of My Forever’s Founders and dedicated matchmakers. And while this big-hearted woman may love love, she’s also a big believer in deep and true intimate connections. But Anna’s passion didn’t just spring up as the idea of My Forever was born. Anna has been connecting people for as long as she can remember. In fact, her passion for love and matching hearts (!) began in high school.

“I used to match up my friends between classes at school! I’ve also had a hand or two matching people who went on to enjoy successful, connected marriages. I can’t help myself. I just love doing it!” Describing her matchmaking skills as a form of intuition that gives her butterflies, Anna is always thinking of ways she can connect potential lovers and partners.  “It’s something I do naturally, I’m always in that headspace because I adore love and helping people.”

Anna’s passion is also based on networking and connecting. It’s her happy place. Something that’s a part of her. “Bringing people together, people who should really be connected is such a genuine thrill for me. I don’t ask for anything in return. And I don’t think you can’t fake this passion, you know? It’s how I am. I get excited when I see people fall in love who are going to be so good together. It sounds weird, but, I actually get an urge to encourage people to date!”

Anna’s My Forever principles begin and end at home… She has been with her high school sweetheart, Marat for 32 years. “We started dating when I was 17 and he was 20 and fell in love in the first couple of months. And it was that real old-fashioned style which is what My Forever is about… getting to know each other, just talking, enjoying restaurants, movies, long walks – true old-world romance.”

Before she set up My Forever with fellow matchmaking intuitive Alla, Anna founded and ran Melbourne-based Male Escort service, Aphrodisiac from 2010. It was a very successful service that provided all levels of healing for women. From the single 20-something looking for a safe and satisfying intimate encounter to the divorced women in their 50s and 60s who needed a ‘stepping-stone’ back into intimacy after long and often abusive marriages.  As Anna explains, “We wanted to give women a voice and a place where they could experience their sexuality in a safe, discreet private way without judgement. It was such a humbling experience to gain our clients’ trust as we helped take them on profoundly personal journeys. Whether it was for confidence or sexual satisfaction, we were a stepping-stone on their journeys. It was a real privilege.” Anna and her partner met hundreds of women in the years that they operated Aphrodisiac. And the common theme was connection. It didn’t matter if it lasted for a couple of hours, one night or a week. And as Anna explains, “We all desire intimacy and understanding. And we were fortunate enough to work with a select group of highly emotionally intelligent professional men who provided that service for our clients. But it was still about compatibility. We still worked very hard to ensure the women were aligned with our gentlemen. To have a perfect booking, a certain set of stars needed to be aligned. A connection was key so without alignment, intimacy was impossible.”

Through My Forever, Anna is still helping people connect intimately. Only this time, the connections are based on more than healing and temporary satisfaction. But as Anna explains, the skills are still the same.  “I’m still using my skills of connecting men and women with their perfect matches. Compatibility and alignment are even more crucial when you’re talking about a long-lasting love and a relationship. I learnt a great deal through my work with Aphrodisiac. In many ways, it strengthened the skills I believe I’ve always had at matchmaking.”

Her roles at both Aphrodisiac and My Forever rely heavily on her listening skills – another trait that’s always been with her. “I worked in a medical clinic for seven years. It was a busy but very rewarding time in my life purely because of the people I met every day – we had over 10,000 patients on our book, meaning there was a lot of stories. A lot of listening. And really, it helped build on my skills of really empathising and connecting with people. Our patients were like my family. and I absolutely loved my job. I still remember all of them to this day.”

Anna and her team of mind, body and soul coaches, work together to take out all the hard parts of dating for their clients; the challenging aspects of finding true love like trust and opening up to strangers.  “We provide a safe, secure and private platform for our clients. Everyone we see goes through a very stringent process. We thoroughly vet every man and woman so the dating app nightmares you hear about have no chance of taking place with us. I guess you can say we date our clients before our clients do!”

Different from other matchmaking sites, My Forever doesn’t include profile pictures and steers clear of the often toxic nature of apps and online dating sites.  “It’s old school dating – the chemistry is up to the couple. We urge our clients not to get physical too quickly. We want them to connect emotionally and mentally first.”

Ultimately, the goal of My Forever is to inspire men and women of all ages to see a matchmaker as another aspect to leading a healthy, balanced and emotionally authentic life. We hire personal trainers for a fit body, why not work with a matchmaker who will help you create a fit love life? Anna and her team are firm believers that people need to start making love a priority in their lives. “People just need to take that leap to find lasting love. And with the support and encouragement that My Forever can provide, this doesn’t need to be a daunting task at all. In fact, it can be a meaningful and rewarding experience!”

But the question begs… Has COVID put a damper on all things love and intimacy?

Anna is quick to respond, “Actually even with the challenges of COVID, we feel very blessed and grateful for all the support of our family, friends and our wonderful clients who have put their trust in us and our agency. We’re still matching clients through these unusual and difficult times.”

With Anna’s passion and drive for connecting hearts, she’s confident that My Forever offers a service that stands apart from other matchmaking agencies. “No one offers our level of service and reputation. We pride ourselves on our discretion, privacy, trust, transparency, genuine meetings and uniqueness, It’s of utmost importance to us and our clients. Just imagine… you were destined to meet your forever love through a matchmaker! That’s why my team and I are so very humbled and privileged to be a part of such an intensely personal journey – the ultimate journey – to find a person’s Forever Love.”

Big thank you to Phyliss Foundis for conducting this interview with My Forever Matchmaker Anna G and writing this blog.

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