Just when we thought Married at First Sight couldn’t get anymore, well, Married at First Sight, this year’s couples have thrown us for an absolute spin.

    Couples we thought would make the distance is now starting to show some severe cracks (ahem, Booka Nile and Brett Helling) and others we thought wouldn’t last even a week are still together — we’re looking at you, Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson!

    But the question on everyone’s lips is: who will actually stay together?

    In order to find out for sure, POPSUGAR Australia consulted Psychic Medium Alla Kuzmis, a professional matchmaker and co-founder of My Forever, who utilises psychic readings to match clients with their ‘forever’ matches.

    She told us who she thinks will go the distance and which couples will end up in the dating pool.

    Alana and Jason

    “Alana is smart, easy-going and quite light,” Kuzmis said. “She knows what she wants, won’t be walked over and has a unique quality that enables her to get her needs met without being forceful.

    “Jason is a genuinely lovely and laid-back guy. He can be stubborn and likes things his own way. He will treat her well and as a couple, they are highly compatible. They’re low maintenance, avoid drama and invested in pleasing the other. High compatibility.”

    Alla’s score: 8/10

    Bryce and Melissa

    “Melissa is highly emotional and struggles with self-confidence,” she said. “Simply put, she’s a beautiful person who doesn’t feel good enough. It feels like she isn’t being her authentic self within this relationship as she’s worried he won’t accept her if she reveals her true self and as a result is trying to control who she is around him.

    “Bryce, on the other hand, isn’t emotional and is hard to get close to. Confidence oozes out of him and he has had no issues attracting women in the past. He will cope with her emotions and lack self-confidence in the short term but long term, there is no future.”

    Alla’s score: 5/10

    Beck and Jake

    “While Jake ‘knows’ he’s good looking, he is very insecure and vulnerable and will struggle to stand up for himself, especially against someone as strong-willed as Bec,” Kuzmis said.

    “She will overpower him in this dynamic. He’s yet to fully find himself and is not ready for marriage. Bec is very strong and needs someone who is stronger than she is and I do not believe Jake is that person. Not a good match.”

    Alla’s score: 1/10

    Patrick and Belinda

    “This couple is super cute. Patrick is going to want to be the ‘healer’ in this relationship. He will look up to her, he will love her and he will carry her in his arms,” she said.

    “Patrick has a deep yearning to please her and make her happy. If she’s happy to have a relationship with this dynamic, they have a strong chance of lasting.”

    Alla’s score: 7/10

    Booka and Brett

    “Booka is the leader in this relationship. Brett thinks the world of her and feels like he’s won the jackpot. He thinks she is absolutely beautiful and will bend for her and this relationship however he can lack patience and compassion for her feelings on occasion,” Kuzmis said.

    “Booka, on her part, appreciates the way he treats her and revels in his adoration although they will clash if he isn’t able to hold space for Booka’s needs. They have solid compatibility as long as both feel seen and heard within the relationship.”

    Alla’s score: 6/10

    Georgia and Liam

    “Georgia is very strong and within this relationship, she is the leader. She is assertive, knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it,” she said.

    “Liam will tend to follow her lead and adapt to her needs and wants rather than try to assert his own. For him, she is someone he can lean on and be with for the duration. I am unsure if he will be enough for her long-term and if she is looking for decisiveness, he isn’t her guy. If she is happy to lead and for him to follow, there is a chance it will work.”

    Alla’s score: 4/10

    Kerry and Johnny

    “Kerry is an intelligent woman. She is very grounded, is quite settled and established in life generally. She feels like she has everything except for her man. This could actually work because she’s emotionally intelligent and is able to communicate well with him,” she said.

    “I believe they’ll be great friends. In terms of passion and chemistry, I am unsure if they’ll have fireworks but if they’re happy to base the relationship on a foundation of friendship then there is a chance.”

    Alla’s score: 5/10


    Originally published by: Pop Sugar