Hands up if you’ve ever watched Married At First Sight and thought ‘Why the hell did the experts think these two would be a good match?’ Trust us, you’re not alone.

    Every year, you can guarantee a couple will leave the MAFS experiment after a week or two after their wedding after realising (or in most cases confirming) that they were never compatible.

    But what if the season eight MAFS brides and grooms had been paired with someone else?

    WHO chatted exclusively to psychic medium Alla Kuzmis  who along with Anna Grosman is the co-founder and co-director of My Forever Matchmaking about which couples she reckons would’ve been better together.

    Whilst she reckons the experts got it right with Booka and Brett (despite current difficulties), Alana and Jason, Belinda and Patrick and even departed couple Jo and James, these others may surprise you.

    Disclaimer: These are the couples that Alla believes were the most well matched within the experiment. This is not to say they are well matched overall, but the best matches of the singles who participated in the experiment this year.

    Bryce and Jaimie

    Bryce may be currently married to Melissa but Alla reckons his bride should’ve been the equally strong-willed Jaimie.

    “Bryce is self confident, stubborn, selfish and thinks highly of himself. He’s never had any issues attracting women and is quite cocky as a result. Love doesn’t mean as much to him as it does to most women. He places a higher value on really great sex within a relationship over and above love. Jaimie can be stubborn, focused, strong and she needs mental stimulation.”

    “Her delivery can be a little direct at times but nothing that Bryce wouldn’t be able to handle. Equally confident and self-assured, these two would enjoy similar lifestyles and styles of communication within a relationship.”

    Coco and Cameron

    Their connection was there and they even shared a smooch before exiting the experiment so Alla says that Cameron and Coco would be a great fit for each other.

    “Cameron is selfish, cares a lot about his own needs and is strong minded. He has a tendency to go after what he wants rather than what he actually needs. Coco is insecure, is a little unclear about what she wants in a partner and as a result, thinks the grass is always greener on the other side.”

    “Due to her insecurities, she needs a strong, confident man who will always uplift her. If he is invested in the relationship, Cameron can be attentive and would provide the reassurance and decisiveness Coco needs.”

    Beth and Johnny

    Beth was done dirty by the experts when she was matched with Russell but could intruder Johnny have been her Prince Charming?

    “Beth has strong views and as a result needs a man who will listen to her and value her opinion. She enjoys a nice lifestyle and therefore needs a very high class, educated and cultured partner,” Alla says.

    “Johnny is cultured, open and a good listener. He is also confident and lifestyle oriented. Their similar interests and love of finer things in life will be a consistent source of joy for both.”

    Kerry and Russell

    Couple swap! Alla adds that Beth and Johnny’s respective partners should have been together from day dot.

    “Kerry is soft, easy going and has a deep yearning to have a family. Russell is simple and can be stubborn and needs a simple woman who is low maintenance as he’s not willing to bend or change himself even for a relationship. Kerry’s laid back nature and her high levels of emotional intelligence will assist her in being able to navigate Russell’s structured approach to life.”


    Chris and Melissa

    Now this is the stuff fairytales are made of.

    “Chris is sweet, relatively insecure and as a result, has a deep desire to be accepted and loved. Melissa is deeply insecure and needs regular reassurance of her safety within a relationship,” Alla says.

    “Due to her lack of confidence she isn’t living her authentic self and needs a strong compassionate man as her life partner. Chris’ sweet and compassionate nature would be a good balance for the reassurance she will need.”

    Georgia and Jake

    Things may be going well for Georgia and Liam (at least for now) but Alla says she would be a better fit for Rebecca’s husband, Jake.

    “Jake is quite insecure and as a result, has some self worth issues. He is not strong as a man and so needs a strong woman to reassure and uplift him. Georgia is set in her ways, ambitious, very focused and has her eye firmly on the prize. She’s a confident and decisive leader and Jake would respond well to her warmth and her soft, yet firm strength.”


    Rebecca and Sam

    Well, it would certainly be an entertaining marriage to watch.

    Alla says both can be selfish and stubborn and that’s why “she needs an alpha male.”

    “While Sam is not an ‘alpha’ he is self-assured and will be able to stand up for himself within the relationship with Rebecca and she would respect that.”

    Samantha and Liam

    Mum-of-three Samantha has “unrealistic expectations” in terms of relationships, according to Alla.

    “She is looking for her fairytale ending and won’t rest until she has found her ‘Prince Charming’. She yearns for a warm, romantic man who truly ‘sees her’.

    “As Liam is a more gentle man, he would feel safe to her. He is a follower within a relationship and would let her lead. He is naturally indecisive and would appreciate her strength and action oriented nature.”